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    Product Name: AlignNajm™

    Model Number: GW0394

    Material: Polyester

    Origin: Mainland China

    Item Type: Bustiers & Corsets

    Style: Everyday

    Pattern Type: Solid

    Decoration: None

    Material Composition: Polyester


    • Adjustable Size: Available in 4 sizes with a breathable and latex-free adjustment strap to ensure a comfortable fit.
    • Overall Correction: Designed to pull back your upper back to its correct position, improving your overall body posture during various activities.
    • Versatile Use: Suitable for use while sitting at a computer, driving, participating in sports, gardening, doing housework, or even watching TV.
    • Practical Design: Made with lightweight neoprene, this posture corrector can be comfortably worn under or over clothing. It's designed for all-day correction, with an easily adjustable dual strap design for self-adjustment.
    • Daily Use Recommended: To achieve and maintain improved posture, start by wearing the support for 10-20 minutes a day and gradually increase the duration by 10 minutes daily. This helps your back and shoulders adjust and build muscle memory for the right posture.


    • Helps achieve a confident and healthier posture by aligning your shoulders, spine, and upper back.
    • Reduces slouching and discomfort immediately with its easily adjustable design.
    • Eliminates neck and back pain associated with poor posture from prolonged sitting.

    Size Chart:

    • S: Chest size: 46 - 68 cm / 18 - 26 inch (Suitable for weight: 20-40KG)
    • M: Chest size: 68 - 91 cm / 27 - 36 inch (Suitable for weight: 40-60KG)
    • L: Chest size: 91 - 119 cm / 36 - 47 inch (Suitable for weight: 60-90KG)
    • XL: Chest size: 119 - 150 cm / 47 - 59 inch (Suitable for weight: 90-100KG)

    Description: The AlignNajm™ is expertly designed to provide back and shoulder support, encouraging a straighter, more confident posture. Lightweight and discreet, it can be worn comfortably throughout the day, under or over clothing. Ideal for individuals who spend long hours in front of the computer, this posture corrector not only helps in aligning your spine and shoulders but also in eliminating discomfort, making it an essential accessory for daily wear.