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    Product Name: TravelPump™

    Item Type: Air Pumps

    Material Type: ABS + Electronic Component

    Model Name: YX1819

    Voltage: 12V

    Power: 120W

    Motor Speed: 18,000 RPM

    Speed Control: 2 Buttons

    Usage: Suitable for inflating tires on cars, bicycles, battery cars, balls, etc.

    Tire Pressure Accuracy: ±1.5PSI

    Maximum Air Pressure: 150PSI

    Battery Capacity: Models vary - Up to 6000mAh

    Noise Level: <90db


    • Height: 18.5cm
    • Diameter: 5.5cm
    • Width: 8.5cm

    Weight: Main engine ≤650g

    Power Supply Options:

    • No Battery Version: Requires connection to the car cigarette lighter for power.
    • Rechargeable Type: Built-in 6000mAh battery.
    • Universal Upgrade: Built-in 6000mAh battery with the option to also connect to the cigarette lighter port for power.

    Features and Benefits:

    1. 2X Faster Inflation: Achieves a maximum pressure of 150 PSI with an airflow of 40L/min, significantly reducing inflation times for efficiency and convenience.

    2. Multiple Power Supply Options: Catering to different needs, including models with built-in batteries for portability and versions that require external power sources.

    3. Versatile Inflation Capabilities: Equipped with various adapters, making it suitable for inflating tires (cars, bikes, motorcycles), as well as sports equipment.

    4. Mobile Power Function: Models with a built-in battery can serve as an emergency power bank for mobile devices.

    5. Smart Inflation Modes: Features preset modes for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and balls, plus a manual mode for custom pressure settings, ensuring precise inflation for different needs.

    6. LED Digital Display: Offers easy-to-read real-time and preset pressure values, enhancing usability and precision.

    7. 3 Modes LED Light: Includes flashlight, warning, and SOS modes for safety and convenience in low-light conditions or emergencies.

    8. Long Reach: Comes with a 3m power cord and a 13cm inflation tube, providing sufficient reach for easy inflation of all tires.

    9. Digital Display Screen: For easy monitoring of pressure values, ensuring accurate inflation.

    10. Additional Functions: Features lighting for nighttime use, flash for emergency signaling, and digital product charging capabilities.

    Special Notes:

    • The TravelPump™ an air pump comes in three versions to suit various power and portability needs.
    • Ensure to select the version that best fits your requirements.
    • This compact, efficient, and versatile air pump is designed for a wide range of applications, offering convenience and reliability for all your inflation needs.