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    Sagihike Double Down Sleeping Bag

    Discover the ultimate comfort and warmth with the CampDuoBag™ Double Down Sleeping Bag, designed for adventurous couples and outdoor enthusiasts. This premium sleeping bag is tailored to withstand the colder temperatures of spring, autumn, and winter, making it your ideal companion for camping, hiking, and any outdoor escapade.

    Key Specifications

    • Brand Name: CampDuoBag™
    • Origin: Mainland China, Hebei
    • Model Number: D19100
    • Comfortable Temperature Scale: [0℃~-10℃]
    • Type: Double Sleeping Bag (2-person Capacity)
    • Suitability: Standard (Ideal for individuals up to 1.8 m in height)
    • Category: Down Sleeping Bag
    • Filling Material: Duck Down for superior warmth
    • Target Audience: Adults
    • Seasonal Use: Spring, Autumn, Winter (3 Season)
    • Size: 220cm x 130cm - spacious for two adults
    • Fabric: High-quality nylon for durability and water resistance
    • Style: Envelope Type, offering easy entry and exit
    • Customization: Available upon request
    • Weight: 2.7 kg - lightweight for easy carrying
    • Packing Detail: Comes with an Oxford compression bag for compact storage and transport

    Product Features

    • Optimal Warmth: Filled with high-quality duck down, ensuring you stay warm even in temperatures as low as 0℃ to -10℃.
    • Spacious Design: Ample space for two, providing a cozy sleeping environment for couples or friends.
    • Durable Material: Crafted from robust nylon fabric, this sleeping bag is designed to resist water and wear, making it perfect for rugged outdoor use.
    • Versatile Seasons: Ideal for three-season use, providing comfort from early spring to late autumn and even in milder winter conditions.
    • Easy to Carry: Weighing just 2.7kg and accompanied by a compression sack, it is effortlessly portable for all your adventures.
    • Envelope Style: Ensures ease of mobility within the bag and simple access, suitable for those who feel confined by mummy-style sleeping bags.
    • Compression Bag: Simplifies packing and transportation, ensuring the sleeping bag occupies minimal space in your gear.

    Ideal For

    • Outdoor enthusiasts seeking a comfortable, warm sleeping solution for two
    • Campers and hikers needing a reliable sleeping bag for colder nights
    • Couples looking for a shared sleeping bag that doesn't compromise on warmth or comfort

    Why Choose Sagihike Double Down Sleeping Bag?

    The Sagihike Double Down Sleeping Bag combines warmth, comfort, and practicality, ensuring you and your partner enjoy a restful sleep after a day of adventure. Its durable construction and superior down filling guarantee warmth in a variety of conditions, making it an essential item for your outdoor gear collection. Whether you're camping under the stars or enjoying a cozy night in a cabin, the Sagihike Double Down Sleeping Bag is designed to enhance your outdoor experience.