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    QuickShine™ Shoe Wipes


    • Material: Cotton
    • Origin: Mainland China
    • Usage: Cleaning
    • Feature: Eco-Friendly
    • Production: Scouring Pad
    • Model Number: Quick Shoe Wipes

    DESCRIPTION: Introducing our ingeniously crafted QuickShine™ Shoe Wipes, designed for convenient use and effective maintenance of your beloved sneakers, dress shoes, and more! These sneaker cleaner wipes offer a thorough cleaning for a variety of shoe materials, ensuring longevity and durability. Toss the mess of liquid polish and dirty rags, and grab our easy-to-use QuickShine™ Shoe Wipes for on-the-go shine and optimal upkeep. Perfect for those looking to maintain their footwear's pristine appearance, these wipes are the ideal solution for a quick touch-up or comprehensive cleaning. Trust our innovative QuickShine™ Shoe Wipes for unmatched convenience and superior results!


    • Name: Shoe Polishing Wipes
    • Material: Ro Pure Water, Soft Spunlaced Fabric, Surfactant, Penetrating Agent, Auxiliary Agent, Spice
    • Single Piece Size:
      • Small: about 17 * 12cm/6.69*4.72inch
      • Large: about 20 * 15cm/7.87*5.91inch


    • List 1: 12 pieces of QuickShine™ Shoe Wipes
    • List 2: 30 pieces of QuickShine™ Shoe Wipes
    • List 3: 80 pieces of QuickShine™ Shoe Wipes
    • List 4: 30 pieces of large-sized QuickShine™ Shoe Wipes
    • List 5: 80 pieces of large-sized QuickShine™ Shoe Wipes


    1. Mild Ingredients for Safe Use: Our Shoe Polishing Wipes contain carefully selected, safe ingredients that provide powerful decontamination and maintenance, leaving your shoes looking clean and fresh with each use.
    2. Broad Applications: These non-irritating QuickShine™ Shoe Wipes are perfect for various types of shoes, including sports shoes, sneakers, and leather shoes. Keep all your footwear looking brand new!
    3. Major Features: Experience easy, fast cleaning with our QuickShine™ Shoe Wipes. With active decontamination features and convenient use, your shoes will look fresh in no time.
    4. Easy-to-Carry Packaging: Our small and lightweight Sneaker Cleaner Wipe packs fit perfectly in your bag or pocket, making it easy to carry and timely clean your shoes whenever and wherever needed.
    5. Water Not Needed: Our excellent Cleaning Wipes for Shoes are easy to clean utilizing a soft, spunlaced cloth with high strength and increased friction, ensuring a thorough clean without water.