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    Brand Name: SoloShuttle™
    Shaft Material: Aluminum
    Origin: Mainland China
    Model Number: SoloShuttle™

    Key Features:

    • Home Court Advantage: Hone your badminton prowess with the SoloShuttle™, your personal trainer that brings the court to your home. No more ball chasing; just pure practice.
    • Adjustable Height: Customize your training session with an adjustable ball height feature, tailored to enhance your gameplay at any skill level.
    • No-Fuss Mounting: Effortlessly install the SoloShuttle™ onto any flat surface without the need for tools. Its secure and traceless adhesive ensures stability and easy removal.
    • Extensive Use: Designed to adhere strongly without marking your walls, the SoloShuttle™ can be set up in a variety of indoor spaces for practice at your convenience.
    • Durable Training Tool: Constructed from robust nylon, the SoloShuttle™ stands up to rigorous use, ensuring a long-lasting addition to your training regimen.

    Product Description: Improve your game with the SoloShuttle™. Ideal for players of all levels, this badminton trainer is a game-changer for at-home practice. Its resilient elastic rope and foam head provide a realistic shuttlecock flight, making solo training both effective and enjoyable.


    • Product Name: SoloShuttle™ Badminton Trainer
    • Materials: Aluminum shaft, elastic rope, foam head
    • Durability: High resilience for lasting performance
    • Installation: Traceless adhesive for easy and secure mounting

    Packing List:

    • 1 x SoloShuttle™ Badminton Training Aid