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    Product Overview:

    • Product Name: StreamDeck™
    • Dimensions: 45 x 97 inches
    • Material: Plastic + Metal
    • Color: As shown (Please note: Color may vary slightly due to lighting conditions and monitor settings)

    Key Features:

    • Innovative Design: Inspired by futuristic technology, this product serves as both a dynamic digital clock and a vivid expression of pixel art. It’s designed to enhance any game room or office with its light and shadow interplay and colorful animations.
    • Smart APP Control: Customize display patterns and data interfaces through a user-friendly app. This feature transforms the clock into a smart life assistant, with options like a world clock, real-time weather updates, and special holiday calendars.
    • Pixel Art Playground: Dive into a vast library of pixel art designs, updated daily. Users can create and animate pixel characters and designs, adding a personalized touch to the desktop decor.
    • Gaming Setup Decoration: Features seamless Wi-Fi connectivity that syncs with your gaming devices. It includes dual edge ambient lighting and 12 customizable backlight settings to enhance the gaming atmosphere with vibrant effects.

    Special Functions:

    • Data Insights: Tracks and displays real-time data such as stock exchange rates, social media follower counts, and personal gaming statistics, offering a comprehensive overview of your virtual assets.
    • Ambient Lighting: Adjustable lighting with multiple effects and colors to match your mood or gaming environment.

    Package Contents:

    1. 1 x Times Gate RGB LED Display Gaming Setting Clock
    2. 1 x USB Cable


    • The product is referred to as the "Gate of the Times" in certain contexts.
    • The actual color and size of the product might vary slightly due to lighting effects and manual measurement tolerances (allowable error of +/- 1-3 cm).