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TravelFresh™ | Pocket Towel

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    • Technics: Combines the best of both worlds with traditional combed cotton and innovative nonwoven techniques, ensuring a product that's not only soft and skin-friendly but also durable and quick-drying.
    • Type: Bath Towel, designed to meet the needs of travelers, homebodies, and anyone in between.
    • Material: A dual-material composition of 100% Cotton and Non-Woven Fabric, offering the perfect blend of traditional comfort and modern hygiene.
    • Shape: Rectangle, the classic towel shape that provides ample coverage and easy packing.
    • Features: Disposable and Quick-Dry, designed for convenience and ease of use, making it ideal for travel, outdoor activities, home use, beauty salons, and hotels.
    • Absorption: Ultra-fast, 5s-10s absorption rate, ensuring you’re dried off quickly.
    • Style: Plain, focusing on functionality and simplicity.
    • Pattern: Bleached, for a clean and hygienic appearance.
    • Disposable: Yes, for hassle-free use during travel or at home.
    • Pattern Type: Solid, for a classic and versatile look.
    • Quantity: 1 per package, ensuring you have what you need for each trip or use.
    • Package Sizes: Available in 70x140cm (Red Package) and 70x100cm (Pink Package), to suit different needs and preferences.
    • Brand Name: TravelFresh™, your go-to brand for travel essentials and home textiles.
    • Origin: Proudly designed and produced in Mainland China, ensuring quality and craftsmanship.
    • Choice: Yes, offering you the freedom to choose the best product for your needs.
    • Semi_Choice: Yes, providing options for semi-customization to fit your specific requirements.


    • 100% Brand New and High Quality: TravelFresh™ towels are crafted with attention to detail, ensuring each towel meets our high standards of quality.
    • Versatile Use: Perfect for travel, outdoor activities, home use, beauty salons, hotels, and more. TravelFresh™ towels are designed to be your go-to towel for any situation.
    • Skin-Friendly and Comfortable: Made from selected cotton spunlace non-woven fabric, our towels are delicate, soft, and comfortable, making them suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
    • Strong Water Absorption: With their quick-dry technology and strong water absorption, TravelFresh™ towels offer convenience and efficiency, making your journey comfortable and wonderful.
    • Natural Degradation: Committed to sustainability, our towels are designed for natural degradation, aligning with eco-friendly practices


    TravelFresh™ | Pocket Towel
    TravelFresh™ | Pocket Towel
    TravelFresh™ | Pocket Towel
    TravelFresh™ | Pocket Towel
    TravelFresh™ | Pocket Towel
    TravelFresh™ | Pocket Towel
    TravelFresh™ | Pocket Towel